Gayest Place in Hudson?

Dear Hudsonians/Hudsonites, is returning (slowly), and with this return is the infamous POLL of the week.

True story:

I’m walking down State Street years ago, and this rather cosmopolitan couple of guys stops me and asks, “Is this the gay neighborhood in Hudson?”

I was like, “State Street?  No.  This is not even a HISTORIC district, forget about being the gay neighborhood.”

I told them, “I’m gay, the guy a few doors down is gay.  Also, I think the gal over there is bi, or she just dresses in sensible shoes.  There’s a lot of gray area here.”

They pressed me for the gay places, gay bar, etc.

I said, “Look, there’s only 6,700 people that live here.  Per capita, we probably have more cross-dressers than any other place in America.  The gay people are scattered – it’s like you throw glitter up in the air and see where it lands.    It’s very pretty, but you’re cleaning it out of your floorboards forever.”

Anyway, since Primetime and the Out Bar in Poughkeepsieland have closed, there is no official gay bar between Westchester and Albany – which maybe isn’t a bad thing.  It’s all just one big mix nowadays.

Long gone are the evening where everyone would sip their drink while laughing to “Golden Girls” together, bumping should pads.

I put together this non-scientific poll.  Please feel free to add another options in the comments section below.  Keep it clean(ish).

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A big kiss to Kevin and pm, the wine bar, who, for years let me do Match Game, Ms. Claus, and whatever other crazy idea I had.  He created a nice gay-positive space here in Hudson.  Thank you – I miss pm.


HEDDA LETTUCE this Sunday at Helsinki!!

Get your ticket here!  That will be the GAYEST place in Hudson this weekend!  Trust me.