“Chicago” now at the MacHaydn Theatre in Chatham!


People come up to me on Warren Street and ask me this question all the time:

“Trixie, why isn’t there more musical theater in my life?”

I stop.  My jaw drops, I touch my pearls with one hand, and with the other, I softly caress their cheek with the back of my hand and gently whisper, “All you have to do is drive to Chatham.”

It’s a clear and simple solution to a very common problem.

The lack of musical theater in people’s lives in Hudson leads to all sorts of grumblings, whining, ennui,  and just general malcontentiousness.

Just read through one of those Facebook community board posts and  you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Get out from behind the computer, see a show, and let Bob Fosse do the rest.

Your problems may not be solved, but maybe you’ll have a different perspective on life and be happy you’re not in a woman’s prison.

Anyway, I interviewed three of the most adorable cast members of Chicago, and it looks like a great show.  Go to Chatham!