Hudson is the Gayest Place in the Hudson Valley this weekend!

Dear Hudson,

I know.  Someone asked me this week on Warren Street –

“Trixie, I’m a self-proclaimed homosexual and I don’t know what to do in Columbia County this weekend.”

Le sigh.

How about a BBQ?


I have every evening already planned out for you this weekend.  Don’t worry.  Just listen to Trixie!

This weekend, Hudson – et environs – is the gayest place in the Hudson Valley!

(That’s because the BigGayHudsonValley boys are out of town, so, there’s not much comparison…)

Friday night, go to Chatham.  Get to the Fair, have something to eat.  A little fried dough won’t kill you.

Then, go see “The Addams Family” at the MacHaydn Theatre  – lots of twenty-somethings with lots of energy and a zest for life and theater!  Eat the fried dough, and drink in the energy of musical theater!  Stay for the coffee hour and have home-made pies.   Musical theater and home-made pies, what more do you want?

Saturday am – Farmer’s Market – Fresh, home-made COOKIES!  ….and I think that there’s some vegetables that some other people grow and sell there at the other tables.   I don’t know.  But, this is where you cruise and schmooze and can actually chat with people, in person.  Plus, there’s beer and bourbon samples….and vegetables…somewhere…

Saturday night, go to the Red Dot for dinner and then take the bus to Ancram at 7:45pm.    Here’s the deal, there’s a FABULOUSLY gay performer at the Ancram Opera House and the wonderful boys who run it….well, they know their market….so, they’re offering a bus with a drag queen, cookies and cocktails to take you to the show and back.  Drink all you want and stumble home!    The cookies are sweet, the cocktails strong, the drag queen…sour.

Here’s a sample of the performer singing something:

He’s gay and sings songs to help raise money for LGBT youth.  Sold.

Go, buy your ticket here:

Use the code ‘trixie5’ and get $5 off!

If  you eat dinner at the Red Dot prior, then you get 10% off your entree!

(There’s SO MANY OFFERS for this evening out, it reads like a late night knife infomercial – AND WAIT….THERE’S STILL MORE!)

Bus leaves at 7:45 promptly-ish to get you to the show by 8:30 and it will return you back to the Red Dot after the show.  That service is better than some dates I’ve been on…

Sunday, go back to Fair, and then come out to the PAJAMA PARTY hosted by myself and Girgantua Jones with DJ ROBU.  Wear your pajamas and $5 at the door helps raise money for the bed races in September!  Half Moon.  10pm

…because getting insurance for an event where people put wheels on beds and push them down the street is NOT CHEAP – go figure, huh?

DJ ROBU tells me he sleeps naked, so that’s worth the price of admission right there.



And that’s it.

Monday, sleep it all off and Mary get yourself a Bloody Mary at the Dot.


Love ya,


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