What a weekend!

Pajama Party


Brooklyn is so expensive, and I barely have any money to do anything anyway, could I really be happy in a small town in upstate New York?  BTW, I need constant gay activities and a scene, too.  Fresh air and a better quality of life is not convincing enough.

K? Thx.  Bye.

Dear Special K –

Yes, you can totally find happiness in a small gay-ish town in upstate New York.

I am typing this blog post from a coffee shop in Provincetown, but sure, yeah, there’s plenty of gay stuff to do in upstate New York.

I tell people that Hudson is a wonderful place to live, there are just TWO problems —  sex and money.  Figure those two out, and you’re fine.

Anyway, this past weekend shows that you can be anywhere on the homo-spectrum, and still find something gayish to do.

Musical theater queen?  Yes – see a MacHaydn show in Chatham.

Like them rough?  Go to the demolition derby at the Fair. Take cars and smash them up for sport.  Maybe not the same crowd as the theater queens from the theater down the road, but you know what?  Put an Ethel Merman or Liza impersonator in one of those demolition cars, and then, not only cars, but WORLDS collide!


Downtown cabaret life?  The Joseph Keckler show at the Ancram Opera House was really amazing!  They asked me to be the bus chaperone, I said, sure, why not?  I had no expectations.

I baked some cookies and brought them.  I handed them out to people on the bus, saying, “Take this cookie.  You never know when you’re going to eat again.”

“Trixie!! WHERE is this bus going??”

We went to a quaint theater out in Ancram, middle of the woods and farms.   Keckler is a young goth-ish gay guy singing in a beautiful operatic voice about doing a bad hit of mushrooms and inviting people “from the Internet” over to his house — all in Italian.  He is a MUST SEE.  He needs to visit Columbia County again.  When he does, you go.

If you don’t believe me, here’s his New York Times write up.  

(BTW, I may be one of the few people who did BOTH the demolition derby AND Joseph Keckler at the Ancram Opera House.  It would be a very small intersection in two Boolean circles.  If anyone else did both, let me know.)

Go to an AIDS-related Garden Party.  This event I did not attend, but kudos to those who helped and donated, including the Terenchin Gallery in Hudson.


To TOP and BOTTOM it all off, there was a PAJAMA PARTY at the Half Moon on Sunday.


Drag queens, cute guys and gals in pajamas, raising money to help pay the insurance costs so that we can put wheels on beds and then race them down the middle of the street!  You really have options when giving money up here…

Once again, an Ethel Merman or Liza impersonator on one of those beds – BOOM. DONE.  Sold.


Have I sold you on gay life in upstate New York yet?


Fine,  I’m at Joe’s Coffee in Ptown if you need to reach me…(plus, it’s a tropical storm and everything is over half off…I have to go.)

k? Thx. Bye.



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