New GayHudson Event Calendar!


It’s really nice that you post these events and all, but I like to PLAN things, so, it would be great if you could just lay it all out for me, and I could put it in my calendar.  Some of us like to be organized.

Thanks and kisses, love you, really, mean it.

— Type A Gay

Dear Type A,

Funny you should ask! I’ve just installed this nifty event calendar plug into this  blog, and now, you can see the gay-ish events of Hudson (et environs)!

But Trix, isn’t there Facebook for this?


BUT, these events have been filtered by ME, so they are worth attending.  If you have an event that you would like me to post, then please email me at

For instance, this Saturday, after the Farmer’s Market, there’s a James Baldwin movie playing at the newly-renovated Hudson Library.

This is what you do, you see that calendar over to the right, click on the 10th, and the James Baldwin event comes up, with all the information about it.

Go to October 23rd, and you’ll find the OutHudson Day on the Farm – down in Ancram, and family-friendly (unlike most other things I do).

GayHudson Event Calendar!





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