Forty Wigs and a Pair of Mules

bdlc-homeSummer, now in its final weeks, ends like the Maraschino cherry at the bottom of a frozen pina colada. Skewer the cherry with a straw, pop in your mouth, one last burst of sweetness, and summer is over.

Wednesday night’s show in Provincetown was Ben DeLaCreme in “Cosmos”, which was not totally about the drink.    This was the FIRST time that  a drag queen  explained black hole theory to me, on stage.   Plenty of drag queens, off-stage, talk cosmology.  Wait, maybe that’s cosmetology.  Never mind.

Anyway, Ben DeLaCreme made the analogy of a black hole with an aging imploding star, like Norma Desmond. There was also an entire musical number about Uranus.  I’m sure that many of you sing about Uranus all the time.

Maybe if your high school science teacher was a drag queen you would have paid closer attention…

This was a much better show than “Illusions”, the night before.  Three drag queens lip-syncing and then running around the room collecting dollar bills.  One drag queen got straight to the point and just screamed “Give me your money!” directly to the unsuspecting straight people.

Standing over a timid straight woman and demanding “Give me your money!” was a little much, even for me.

I understand the suffering that drag queen performers may have had in their lives, and even as a sub-culture in our society, but demanding dollar bills from patrons, I don’t feel is a valid form of reparations, like forty wigs and a pair of mules? 200px-mules-shoes-1

Basically, I go to Provincetown to scout out new talent to bring to Hudson, and then end up with Hedda Lettuce anyway…

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