Gayish Stuff to do this October in the Hudson Valley and Beyond!

Hello Dear Denizens of the Hudson Valley!

I know what you’re thinking….

Trixie, my pumpkin needs some spice.  Where do I get it?

Well, you’re talking to the right gal!

First of all,  let me qualify this blog…I promote my own events, the events of friends, people who pay me, or people who are just very nice.

Usually, in that order…

First of all, did you see the Hudson Bed Races?

Crazy fun!  Here’s a video by my good friend, Scott Hotaling:

Join the Facebook group, Hudson Bed Races, and you’ll see more photos and video.

That was last month – this month – October, there are events almost every weekend!

On Oct 7-9, I’m one of the facilitators for Single’s Weekend at Easton Mountain.  It’s a gay men’s retreat, food and a room, programs, fun.

I take guys to a corn maze, parties, stuff like that.  Very FALL-esque.  If you’re single, go.  There’s a newbie rate.



The weekend after is “Out on the Farm” by and I think I’m doing Match Game there.

That is down in Poughkeepsie-land.  (Yeah, I guess I am doing Match Game, looking at the poster now…)


The weekend after that, we are doing our own version right here in good ol’ Columbia County!

(I already told Stephan and Patrick that I was stealing their idea, so, don’t get your panties in a twist…)


This will be LGBT-Family-friendly fun!!  Etsy has agreed to have some crafts there, I’m baking cookies, we’ll have a band, hayrides, campfire, s’mores, bobbing for apples, kids can play with the animals, do some cow-grooming.

$7 and you get burgers.  BYOB.   Plus, there’s cheese.  Lots of cheese!

Have a beer with some friends over a campfire.  Stars in the sky.  Stuff like that, you know, the whole, that’s-why-we-live-in-upstate-NY experience.

The following weekend is Halloween, and there’s parties all over town!  More to come on that.

See you at the Shaker this weekend!

Love ya,


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