Things change, and nothing comes easy.

Dear Hudson,

Things change, and nothing comes easy.  That’s the theme in Hudson for this weekend.

There are a few great events happening, and I just wanted to put them on your radar.

Tonight at 9pm starts the fun with Hudson’s own Bindlestiff Family Cirkus!  Their show is not to be missed, and the Bindlestiffs are a Hudson institution.  We are very fortunate to have such talented performers in town.    Check out their show, and have a drink!

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Bindlestiffs at Helsinki


That’s Friday.

On Saturday, there are a couple of places to be at the same time, so decisions are difficult.



If you have ever seen her windows at the Five and Diamond, the Rainbow Girls during the Pride Parade, or her costumes during Halloween, you know that Hudson would not be the wonderful, real and creative place it is without the talents of the artistic (and humble) Lisa Durfee!

This Saturday, 5-7pm, at the Hudson Opera House, 327 Warren Street, there’s a Opening Reception for the exhibit, simply titled, “The Alleys of Hudson. (Jan 14-Feb 19) at the Hudson Opera House. Photographs by William Hellermann, Peter Spear, and Lisa Durfee, featuring a nearly twenty year old treasure trove of images captured in the alleys of Hudson.

You really have to go and see the transformation over the years.  We are lucky to have people in this town willing to document our town’s alleys!

What you do is this.  Go to the Opera House, then, walk across the street, keep going through the park. Walk across Columbia, up that big staircase (that everyone seems to have an opinion about), onto State Street, then make a right and walk up to 5th to the Hudson Area Library to catch this Opening Reception:


That’s Saturday.

On Sunday, the 15th, there’s a protest at 2pm, starting at 7th Street Park to help save the Affordable Healthcare Act, sponsored by the Hudson Democrats.  Here’s the Facebook link: 



There are so many other things going on as well this weekend, I’m probably missing a few.

As I slowly manage to have more bandwidth in my life over the next few months, I plan on doing more of these event posts….so…

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Thanks Hudson – see you out and about this weekend!


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