Congressman John Faso, Elvis’ Penis and Martin Van Buren

The problem is, if you take too long editing a video during this Trump administration, too many things happen!

Just two weeks ago, this demonstration was  in little ol’ Kinderhook here in Columbia County.  But, this was BEFORE the whole Russian and Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions thing, AND the Oscar flub.

Really, I just can’t keep up!

Andres Serrano’s portrait of Donald Trump – now on display in Kinderhook, NY 

Jack Shainman Gallery

Our Republican Congressional Representation John Faso has not been showing up at community events and Town Halls within his district….so, people are letting him know in other ways.

Here’s a little video I shot with Victor Mendolia giving us a little explanation.  ENJOY!



It was a beautiful Saturday in Kinderhook, and a block or two from the demonstration, at the former Martin Van Buren High School, was the Andres Serrano and other artist exhibit.

Some of you may remember Serrano from his controversial artwork which was the cause for quite a deal of political debate in the late 80s and early 90s the “Culture Wars”.  Jesse Helms and the rest of them questioned funding for the National Endowment of the Arts, and well, you know that story….seems like we’ve moved forward only to come back to where we were…

I went to the protest, then walked into the exhibit, and among other portraits was the one of Elvis, rocking out with his cock out.

You learn why they called him the KING.

Maybe it’s an Elvis impersonator, regardless, that portrait alone was worth the price of admission – which was free – so, I totally walked away a winner.  (Like the slots at Vegas, if you’re ahead, just walk, don’t question or think you can win more.)

YOU MUST GO SEE THIS EXHIBIT WHILE IT’S STILL “OUT” – but they are only open on Saturdays!  Go after the Hudson Farmer’s Market!

A good protest and some controversial art – it could have been the West Village of the early 90s – but I was in Kinderhook!

Both events together that weekend were probably more politics and controversy together than Kinderhook has seen in over 100 years!  It’s OK!

To make your life easier, and help you remember to CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE  (and promote the Varla Jean Merman show), I’ve made up this postcards with Faso’s number on the back!

Varla Jean Marman tickets still available!   See below or to the right for the ticket link!


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