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I know what you’re thinking….

“Trixie, I’m gay and I’m bored.”

“I’m just not getting the constant attention and feedback that the lovely gay hook-up apps provide, and my six different forms of social media leave me feeling despondent.  Whatever shall I do?”

Well, have you ever considered maybe just going out of the house and meeting people in person?

There’s a concept.  Go figure, right?

You see, back in the olden days of yore, that’s what we had to do – prior to the interwebs.

Believe it or not, without hand-held smartphones giving you the coordinates of the people in the room where you are standing, people still were able to meet each other, hook-up, and have sex.  Some even fell in love.

There used to be gay bars that people went to….often.  It was the main means of meeting other queers (there were many other ways, but this was a less salacious and more socially-acceptable way.)

Anyway, as I slowly find the raison d’être for this blog, (a blog started in 2007, pre-facebook) I’m thinking of posting what I consider to be the events that local queers should attend, with my own colorful commentary and video interviews.  Check out my recently updated EVENT CALENDAR on the right hand-bar or scroll down below!  Just click on a date!

(FYI – The word queer is a term ANYONE can use!   Maybe you are 84% heterosexual.  Fine!  Queer, it is!  Maybe you just knew a lot of guys in Fire Island Pines back in the 70s – you are gay-adjacent!  Queer, if you want to be.)

There may only be fifteen to twenty or so people in Columbia County who REMEMBER Uncle Charlie’s in the West Village, so, let me explain.  It was a gay bar, where we used to go to watch episodes of  “Golden Girls” – THE FIRST TIME THEY AIRED!

“Golden Girls” was the QUEEREST show of its time – back before regular gay characters on TV.   Plus, no one knew how to set their VCRs, if you had one, so, you showed up at the bar and watched the “Golden Girls” on a Saturday night!

Today, you can go to the Shaker in Hudson on a Friday evening – during their Happy Hour – and relive those days.


People don’t wear as much pastel now.

At least now you have something to do on a Friday evening in Hudson.

Saturday, this is the schedule:

10am – 1pm – Get up out of bed and go to the Farmer’s Market.  Just go.  The building itself is worth the trip.  Union and 6th in Hudson.  Trixie, this is not a gay event!  Like hell, it isn’t!  Not going to the Farmer’s Market is like not attending brunch with Miranda and Carrie!  If you’re not at the Farmer’s Market, then WHERE do you get your local gossip – and kale?

(um,  real gossip is SPOKEN, in person – and undocumented!)

2pm – Stand Up for Planned Parenthood – because nowadays, you have to commit yourself to at least an hour or two a week of political activism, if we are going to continue to live on this planet and survive as a species.

Saturday evening, in Awlbanyland, not too far from Hudson, try the Bear Albany Party, where Men in Skirts, I’m sorry – KILTS – is always a good time!

Go to Rocks – the closest gay bar to Hudson!

A Madonna video.  A demonstration.  A gay bar.

It’s the 80s/early 90s all over again.

Same as it ever was…


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