Gay Stuff To Do in Hudson in December

I know what you’re thinking…

Trixie, where have you been?   What about this blog?   What are you DOING??

Yeah, I know.

Well, it’s been a little busy, campaigning….and it looks like on January 1, I’ll be sworn in as one of Hudson’s Alderman and represent the Fourth Ward on the Hudson City Council.

And you’re thinking, Trixie, that’s great!  A drag queen as an elected official!  How wonderful!

Yes, however, I’m not the first, nor even the second.  Don’t forget Rudy Guiliani (pictured above).

He uses more makeup than I do.

Plus, Hudson will soon have an openly gay mayor, a lesbian county supervisor,  and there’s another openly gay Alderman who has been known to don a muumuu and Mrs. Roper wig.  (Pictures of which I am holding onto for possible future forms of  “encouragement”).



There’s at least THREE Gay-ish/Queer things to do in December  PLUS Winter Walk!    Two of gay things are BRUNCHES!


SATURDAY in Hudson is Winter Walk, 5-8pm.  Go to that.  You’ll find it.  It’s all of Warren Street.

This weekend is the LINK PROJECT BRUCH.  Sunday 12-3pm at Kit’s Nest, 108 South Front St.  Click on the image to bring you to the Facebook event page.


Then, DECEMBER 9th, OutHudson is hosting a Queer Family Brunch at Solaris, 360 Warren.  Click on the image to bring you to the Facebook page.


On December 17th is the Lettuce Rejoice show and you can find information about that on this blog – just scroll down.

Tons of stuff.  You won’t be able to keep up!

See you soon!



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