How QUEER everything is today!

At Little Deb’s last night, the last  Thursday of the month, Doug, the emcee, said to the crowd,

“My friend and I got together and said, ‘ There needs to be more DRAG in Hudson!'”

And I thought to myself…..will there EVER be enough??

Hudson, less than 7,000 people, has an openly gay mayor, a HUGE Pride parade and two openly gay alderman – one of which is  known for running around in drag!  (The other is no stranger to a wig and a muumuu as well!)

But, they are right.  It’s not enough DRAG! Hudson needs more.  And thank goddess for the staff of Lil Deb’s for giving it to us!

It gets even more queer!

If you missed Lil Deb’s, you MUST see Joseph Keckler tomorrow night at Helsinki!

Dark, funny, and extremely talented, Keckler returns to Hudson with his operatic voice and goth style.

For a sample, watch the video here:



Here are more photos from Lil Deb’s: