Interview with Sarah Kilborne, star of “The Lavender Blues” at Club Helsinki April 7th

Hello Hudson!

This is an especially queer weekend, here in the little City of Hudson – lesbians, bears, and drag queens – oh my!

Friday night, April 7th, Sarah Kilborne is doing her musical show, “The Lavender Blues” at Club Helsinki at 8pm.   Tickets are available here.  This Friday celebrates the release of the show’s first CD:  The Lavender Blues:  Live at the Linda.

I was able to do a little Q&A with Sarah about her show.

Hope to see you there!  Don’t miss it!



Q: How would you describe your show, “The Lavender Blues”?

A: The Lavender Blues is showcase of queer music before World War II. But even more than that, it tells the story of this music and the pioneering artists behind it.

Q: What inspired you to put this show together?

A: People commonly believe that the LGBT movement began with the Stonewall riots in 1969, but a hundred years ago queer men and women were claiming their identities in the public sphere – and singing about it too. This musical history has been forgotten and it has a lot to tell us, not just about queer history but women’s history and cultural history.

Q: How long have you been doing it? Where? Any special moments?

A: I first workshopped the idea two years ago, at the LGBT Center in New York City, and received both written and verbal feedback that was really inspiring. The show has grown and developed a great deal since then. Regarding special moments, when the show first received a standing ovation, that pretty much blew me away.

Q: What has been the reaction from the audience/individuals?

A: The response has been enormously positive. People thank me for creating the show, for sharing this history and bringing it alive. They want to know more about it and I love that. Knowing our history is important; we are part of a continuum. Learning where we came from helps inform where we are today and how we got to be here.

Q: Was this before a time when the ‘personal was political’? Before there was a political identity for LGBTQ people? How do you feel our political identity now influences our LGBTQ culture?

A: Yes, this was largely before the personal became political. In America, there wasn’t a political identity for the LGBT community in the 1920s or earlier because there wasn’t a political agenda against the community. That doesn’t truly begin until the mid-to-late 1930s. Today, it’s nearly impossible to separate the personal from the political. The moment someone identifies as L, G, B, T, or Q, they are affirming a part of themselves and a desire for equality that other people wish to deny. The political will necessarily be part of LGBT culture until the narrative that targets us loses its efficacy.

Q: What parts of queer life pre-WWII do you feel were BETTER than LGBTQ life today?

A: Every era has its pros and cons. I often wonder what it would have been like, though, to live during a time when there was no stigma attached to loving a person of the same sex because there wasn’t even the vocabulary to describe such a relationship. Pre-1900, some same-sex couples felt they’d found the purest form of love and felt superior to those entangled in male-female relationships. What would it be like to be gay before there was the concept of being gay? I wonder about that.

Q: In today’s political climate, what is your advice for anyone who creates LGBTQ culture/art?

A: Your work is more important than ever. If you have a vision, share it. If you have a story, tell it. If you have a voice, use it. We live in an uncertain time but this is constant: art makes a difference. Art connects and unites people, sparks important dialogue and communication, challenges the status quo and inspires the heart. Give the world what you alone can create. Help shift the vibration.

Here is a video from a previous show at Helsinki:

For more information, please visit Sarah Kilborne’s website:

Sarah Kilborne

“The Lavender Blues”

Friday night, April 7th

Club Helsinki at 8pm.

Tickets are available here

Wednesday is Sundae!

Dear Hudson,

It’s Wednesday – and in case you didn’t know – Wednesday is Sundae here on!

Much like my voice coach, Tom Carvel, every now and then, you can make a Wednesday extra special.

Here’s an old Carvel ice cream commercial with our Irish friend, Cookie O’Puss!  Top of the morning to you!


There are SO many gay-ish things to do here in the Hudson Valley, that it’s really hard for me to keep up.

For instance, I’m doing Match Game on Sunday down at the Gunk Haus in, I don’t really know where, but, it’s in my GPS, on the other side of the river – somewhere.

I get these Sunday brunch gigs mostly because I’m one of the few drag queens that are not at church service.

No, it’s really because I’m one of the few queens SOBER Sunday mornings…

I’ve based most of my drag career on just showing up.

Which reminds me, TONIGHT  – Wednesday – at Club Helsinki is “Struttin’ with the Stars”.  It’s a benefit put together by the gals at the Second Show – for the Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation.  Show up to this one.  Plus, it’s Helsinki during the week, which means you can order off the BAR MENU and get the FABULOUS mac & cheese.  Plus, the burgers, meat or veggie, are really out of this world – burgers, dresses, and a good cause!

Then, on Sunday, I’m doing Match Game.

It’s SOLD OUT, I guess I’m telling you about it too late…sorry.   I don’t often SELL OUT anything.  Cookies…but, that’s it.

“Why even promote it then, Trix, if it’s Sold Out?”

Good question.   I don’t know.   Future reference?

Why does a drag queen promote an event that’s sold out?   What’s the point?   That question is a little too existential, even for me…

If you happen to be in NYC, this Thursday, and you’re up for the 30th ACT UP reunion demonstration, I’ll see you there.  I’ll be videotaping.

I’m going to dive into my ACT UP videotape archive and see what I can transfer to digital.  I plan on putting some of the video together and  look for an OutHudson Queer Activist event in April at the fabulous Hudson Area Library!

Also, speaking of  OutHudson – maybe you came to our Queer Family Brunch?  It was very well-attended!  About 40-50 people and lots of families! Over a dozen little ones toddling around – all with different forms of parent(s).

This Saturday afternoon is the I AM HERE exhibit at 46 Green Street – 5-8pm   I’m baking cookies for them!

If you are interested in helping to plan this year’s parade, I’ve set the first planning meeting date to MONDAY, April 3rd, 6:30pm at the Chamber of Commerce.  Come one, come all, it’s a parade!

Do you want a little story?

The first year, 2010, we didn’t know what we were doing.  None of us had planned a parade before.  Catskill did a parade the year before, 2009, and I thought that Hudson should do one, too.    A few words of advice from Ellen Thurston, and we were planning a parade!

Anyway, we sent out an invite, and told as many LGBT/whatever groups we could.   The first year, it was our first time, we didn’t know.  We didn’t really think about the Hudson Fire Department.  It was the first time there was going to be a gay parade in town, so, we didn’t really think that they’d go…we just didn’t think of it.

However, the Register-Star asked the Fire Department if they were going to be in the parade.   From what the Reg-Star told me, the Fire Department, responded, “Sure, we’d be in it, but no one has asked us yet…”

So, here I was, thinking, oh, they won’t come, MEANWHILE, they were WAITING TO BE ASKED!!!

Goes to show you, that some things, the anticipation of people’s negative reactions, are just in your head…

On another note, this guy is REALLY good.    Joseph Keckler.  I saw him at the Ancram Opera House in the fall, and this Sunday, he’s at Helsinki.

I know what you’re thinking….you don’t really know if you’d go, you haven’t heard of him, blah, blah, blah.

I think he’s great – I bought not only ONE, but FOUR tickets to go see him!  I’m bringing friends along.  Benefit for AnimalKind!

If you need a good sample of his show, there’s this video.  He’s a fair, gay goth guy with a deep baritone opera-singing voice.  He’s amazing.

Here he is, singing in Italian, about doing a mushroom trip in 2007!

This is THE queer event in the Valley this weekend! Here’s his review inthe NY Times.

And then, NEXT WEEKEND!   OMG – Next weekend, is Varla Jean Merman – all throughout the Valley!

Did you get your tickets yet?

More about that next Wednesday!

See you at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday!



What am I doing this weekend, Trixie? Please tell me!

At the Farmer’s Market last weekend, someone came up to me at my pink cookie table and said,

“Trixie, I’m at a loss.  You see, I’m really used to not taking control of my life, and just letting things happen – and then complaining about it later – but, now, with this whole Trump thing, I’m thinking that maybe I should actually DO something.   Maybe.  I still might procrastinate and do nothing, and lament my own fate and live my life in a perpetual state of perceived ‘victim-hood’, but, if I WAS to actually DO something, what do you think I should do?”

“Buy a bag of cookies.  Five bucks.”

Really, stop whining and call your Representatives..

Do it TODAY!  Today is the House vote on Trumpcare.   You see, these representatives have an algorithm, and they know that if X number of people call or write, then, really Y number of people within their district think that way.

It’s important to call, and call often.  Even, if you AGREE with them, call.  Let them know that they are doing a good job.  The algorithm works both ways.

Do that Friday am.  Fine.  Boom. Done.

Friday evening, 6-9pm go to the Shaker’s video Happy Hour, because what else are you doing?

And, it is THE place for Columbia County’s homosexuals of a certain age…

Then, on Saturday, come to the Hudson Farmer’s Market, Union and 6th, 10am-1pm, where I will have fresh-baked cookies, and lots of opinions, to give you.  Cookies are $5/bag, the opinions I give out for free!

Saturday afternoon, if you have NOT gone yet,  you really have to get thee to the Andre Serrano exhibit at the former Martin Van Buren High School in Kinderhook.   It is by far, one of the queerest exhibits you’re going to see in Columbia County.


This Sunday, March 26th, OutHudson, the newly-formed LGBTQ organization, (the organization in charge of Hudson’s annual Pride Parade and Weekend) is having a Queer Family Brunch at Solaris, 360 Warren.  10am-Noon.   Go to that.  Bring a dish.  I’m baking cookies, and this time, I am giving those away, as well as opinions.

(Next Monday, April 3rd, 6pm, if you’re interested in helping out with the Parade, mark your calendar, and look for my FB invite.)

Sunday evening, what is there to do in Hudson?

Not a lot, really…not in March, anyway.   But, think about going to see FEUD on the big screen at the Shaker bar, that evening.   Like at 10, I think.

It’s good that FEUD is now on TV, because, as with most people, I’m getting bored with “Walking Dead”.

“Feud”, the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, IS the new ZOMBIE show on TV to watch…

My FAVORITE character is Mammasita, or Joan’s maid, played by the hilarious, Jackie Hoffman!  Jackie performed in Poughkeepsie last year, and if you have not seen her in “Xanadu”, “Hairspray” or at Joe’s Pub, you have to make the time!

(A getup like that, and Jackie did NOT get cast in Fiddler!  True.  She tells it herself.)

And that’s it, done.  There’s really nothing else.



Gay Gay Gay Stuff to Do Do Do


I know what you’re thinking….

“Trixie, I’m gay and I’m bored.”

“I’m just not getting the constant attention and feedback that the lovely gay hook-up apps provide, and my six different forms of social media leave me feeling despondent.  Whatever shall I do?”

Well, have you ever considered maybe just going out of the house and meeting people in person?

There’s a concept.  Go figure, right?

You see, back in the olden days of yore, that’s what we had to do – prior to the interwebs.

Believe it or not, without hand-held smartphones giving you the coordinates of the people in the room where you are standing, people still were able to meet each other, hook-up, and have sex.  Some even fell in love.

There used to be gay bars that people went to….often.  It was the main means of meeting other queers (there were many other ways, but this was a less salacious and more socially-acceptable way.)

Anyway, as I slowly find the raison d’être for this blog, (a blog started in 2007, pre-facebook) I’m thinking of posting what I consider to be the events that local queers should attend, with my own colorful commentary and video interviews.  Check out my recently updated EVENT CALENDAR on the right hand-bar or scroll down below!  Just click on a date!

(FYI – The word queer is a term ANYONE can use!   Maybe you are 84% heterosexual.  Fine!  Queer, it is!  Maybe you just knew a lot of guys in Fire Island Pines back in the 70s – you are gay-adjacent!  Queer, if you want to be.)

There may only be fifteen to twenty or so people in Columbia County who REMEMBER Uncle Charlie’s in the West Village, so, let me explain.  It was a gay bar, where we used to go to watch episodes of  “Golden Girls” – THE FIRST TIME THEY AIRED!

“Golden Girls” was the QUEEREST show of its time – back before regular gay characters on TV.   Plus, no one knew how to set their VCRs, if you had one, so, you showed up at the bar and watched the “Golden Girls” on a Saturday night!

Today, you can go to the Shaker in Hudson on a Friday evening – during their Happy Hour – and relive those days.


People don’t wear as much pastel now.

At least now you have something to do on a Friday evening in Hudson.

Saturday, this is the schedule:

10am – 1pm – Get up out of bed and go to the Farmer’s Market.  Just go.  The building itself is worth the trip.  Union and 6th in Hudson.  Trixie, this is not a gay event!  Like hell, it isn’t!  Not going to the Farmer’s Market is like not attending brunch with Miranda and Carrie!  If you’re not at the Farmer’s Market, then WHERE do you get your local gossip – and kale?

(um,  real gossip is SPOKEN, in person – and undocumented!)

2pm – Stand Up for Planned Parenthood – because nowadays, you have to commit yourself to at least an hour or two a week of political activism, if we are going to continue to live on this planet and survive as a species.

Saturday evening, in Awlbanyland, not too far from Hudson, try the Bear Albany Party, where Men in Skirts, I’m sorry – KILTS – is always a good time!

Go to Rocks – the closest gay bar to Hudson!

A Madonna video.  A demonstration.  A gay bar.

It’s the 80s/early 90s all over again.

Same as it ever was…


Congressman John Faso, Elvis’ Penis and Martin Van Buren

The problem is, if you take too long editing a video during this Trump administration, too many things happen!

Just two weeks ago, this demonstration was  in little ol’ Kinderhook here in Columbia County.  But, this was BEFORE the whole Russian and Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions thing, AND the Oscar flub.

Really, I just can’t keep up!

Andres Serrano’s portrait of Donald Trump – now on display in Kinderhook, NY 

Jack Shainman Gallery

Our Republican Congressional Representation John Faso has not been showing up at community events and Town Halls within his district….so, people are letting him know in other ways.

Here’s a little video I shot with Victor Mendolia giving us a little explanation.  ENJOY!



It was a beautiful Saturday in Kinderhook, and a block or two from the demonstration, at the former Martin Van Buren High School, was the Andres Serrano and other artist exhibit.

Some of you may remember Serrano from his controversial artwork which was the cause for quite a deal of political debate in the late 80s and early 90s the “Culture Wars”.  Jesse Helms and the rest of them questioned funding for the National Endowment of the Arts, and well, you know that story….seems like we’ve moved forward only to come back to where we were…

I went to the protest, then walked into the exhibit, and among other portraits was the one of Elvis, rocking out with his cock out.

You learn why they called him the KING.

Maybe it’s an Elvis impersonator, regardless, that portrait alone was worth the price of admission – which was free – so, I totally walked away a winner.  (Like the slots at Vegas, if you’re ahead, just walk, don’t question or think you can win more.)

YOU MUST GO SEE THIS EXHIBIT WHILE IT’S STILL “OUT” – but they are only open on Saturdays!  Go after the Hudson Farmer’s Market!

A good protest and some controversial art – it could have been the West Village of the early 90s – but I was in Kinderhook!

Both events together that weekend were probably more politics and controversy together than Kinderhook has seen in over 100 years!  It’s OK!

To make your life easier, and help you remember to CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE  (and promote the Varla Jean Merman show), I’ve made up this postcards with Faso’s number on the back!

Varla Jean Marman tickets still available!   See below or to the right for the ticket link!


Varla Jean Merman’s Hudson Valley Tour!


Purchase tickets here:

Fill out my online form.


Gay stuff to do in the Hudson Valley!

Dear Queers,

I vacillate on what to do with this blog.

There are enough listings on things to do in this little city of 6,700 people.  (I am not going to compete with Ellen Thurston, I wouldn’t last two minutes in the ring with her.)

I’ll just cover the events I like.  I mean, you can’t do EVERYTHING anyway.

On Feb 11, go to the Hudson Area Library’s event:

Hudson Area Library Hosts Author Reading of Christodora by Tim Murphy

The Hudson Area Library will host an Author Reading with Tim Murphy on February 11 @ 6pm. Mr. Murphy will be discussing his new novel, Christodora, recently chosen as an American Library Association’s 2017 Notable Book. Christodora tells the story of a family living in the East Village of New York City who are impacted by the AIDS epidemic. It is the story of the brave people who fought for this epidemic to be recognized and for its victims to be treated humanely. It is also the story of people who survived and how their fight and their grief impacted them centrally for the rest of their lives.

And then, there is this event happening in Kingston this coming weekend.  It’s at BSP, and it’s fun and cute guys, and, well, that’s all you need to know.  Also, Saturday, Feb 11th at 8pm.  For more information, visit

And mark your calendars for Sunday, April 9, Varla Jean Merman at Helsinki Hudson.  Tickets and more information on Feb 14.

Love you, gotta go, bye!


Disney World, Congressman John Faso, and Dating Married Men

Hello dear Hudson!

Can I tell you that the day that Donald Trump was inaugurated, I put my blinders on, stuck my fingers in my ears, and boarded a flight to DisneyWorld with family.

Now, of course Disney is 100% wired and wifi connected – so while on the Mad Tea Cup Ride, I would read about the country falling apart around me.  I was figuratively and literally spinning!

However, all is not lost, and if anything, dear liberal Democrats, progressive Berniecrats, Independents, and reasonable Republicans, what the past week has taught us is that we must be more involved in the political process otherwise the crazies take over.

Let’s congratulate our own Federal Senator from Columbia County, Kristen Gillibrand, for doing an excellent job and voting against most of Trump’s appointments.

Contact Senator Gillibrand here, and thank her for her support!

Our OTHER Senator?  Chuck Schumer?   Ugh.

Can’t we have AMY Schumer instead?  She’s a much better representative of my interests.

Now, there’s our Republican Congressman John Faso.   Well, he’s not so great.  He votes with this Trump idiot.

Multiple phone calls, emails, asking for his schedule to meet constituents, blah, blah, blah….nothing.

But, if you pay him a home visit in Kinderhook, he magically appears.  Thank you very much, Congressional Representative; it’s good to know you’re so available.  Maybe we can discuss your voting record in the frozen food section of Price Chopper next time.

Your votes disrupt OUR personal lives, so I have no problem disrupting YOUR personal life.

(You show up at a Congressman’s home, and all of a sudden Republicans scream, “What about BOUNDARIES?!?”)


Contact JOHN FASO here.

I found this on the Facebook this morning.  I don’t know if any of these numbers are good or real, but you have unlimited minutes, right?  Just call and find out.  And if it works, well, then call EVERY DAY!


I know what you’re thinking, maybe FASO will come around if he just LISTENS to us…

Yeah, no girl.

You see, having the expectation that John Faso is going to vote with the Democrats, is like dating a married man.

They MAY tell you what you want to hear.

The sex MAY be great – especially since you do all the things that the “wife” won’t do (what?  ruin a good manicure?)

They MAY SAY that they love you – but ultimately, they go home to their wives – and vote Republican.

The election is in 2018.

He’s out.

Join the Resistance.  Do everything you can.

It is on, folks!



Things change, and nothing comes easy.

Dear Hudson,

Things change, and nothing comes easy.  That’s the theme in Hudson for this weekend.

There are a few great events happening, and I just wanted to put them on your radar.

Tonight at 9pm starts the fun with Hudson’s own Bindlestiff Family Cirkus!  Their show is not to be missed, and the Bindlestiffs are a Hudson institution.  We are very fortunate to have such talented performers in town.    Check out their show, and have a drink!

Get Tickets Here


Bindlestiffs at Helsinki


That’s Friday.

On Saturday, there are a couple of places to be at the same time, so decisions are difficult.



If you have ever seen her windows at the Five and Diamond, the Rainbow Girls during the Pride Parade, or her costumes during Halloween, you know that Hudson would not be the wonderful, real and creative place it is without the talents of the artistic (and humble) Lisa Durfee!

This Saturday, 5-7pm, at the Hudson Opera House, 327 Warren Street, there’s a Opening Reception for the exhibit, simply titled, “The Alleys of Hudson. (Jan 14-Feb 19) at the Hudson Opera House. Photographs by William Hellermann, Peter Spear, and Lisa Durfee, featuring a nearly twenty year old treasure trove of images captured in the alleys of Hudson.

You really have to go and see the transformation over the years.  We are lucky to have people in this town willing to document our town’s alleys!

What you do is this.  Go to the Opera House, then, walk across the street, keep going through the park. Walk across Columbia, up that big staircase (that everyone seems to have an opinion about), onto State Street, then make a right and walk up to 5th to the Hudson Area Library to catch this Opening Reception:


That’s Saturday.

On Sunday, the 15th, there’s a protest at 2pm, starting at 7th Street Park to help save the Affordable Healthcare Act, sponsored by the Hudson Democrats.  Here’s the Facebook link: 



There are so many other things going on as well this weekend, I’m probably missing a few.

As I slowly manage to have more bandwidth in my life over the next few months, I plan on doing more of these event posts….so…

If you want to help promote your event, email me at!

And sign up to me on my Mail Chimp email list – on the sidebar to the right of this blog post – to get updates such as these!

Thanks Hudson – see you out and about this weekend!